The Congress “Excellent Factories” has set itself the goal of demonstrating holistically the future of factories and the factory planning process. To achieve this purpose, the Congress will take place within the framework of the forum “Building the Future”. The interdisciplinary program will allow you to examine factory planning from different perspectives, and gain a comprehensive overview of the future. Two different streams during the congressional sessions will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of future factory planning. 


Themes of the Congress

Hands-on Stream

Integrated Planning

Does construction planning with its many specialist planners and lead to chaos during the planning process? Is the architect really not able to understand what the engineer is trying to express, and vice versa? Must everything be finally coordinated via Excel in the end? We want to demonstrate today that these preconceptions are yesterday’s mindset. Join renowned experts in the field of new planning options, and discuss with us in this session, how to make integrated planning of production and buildings even more efficient.


The concept of sustainability has for years been a guiding principle for political, economic and ecological action. The topic of sustainability and the ecological footprint also play an increasingly important role for manufacturing companies. There exists a need for effective, groundbreaking action to address the current danger and impact of climate change. In this session, you will learn which direct and indirect contributions companies can effectively make toward sustainable production.

Best Practices

Learning from the best – is a recipe for success for you and your company! Best Practice Factory Planning effectively helps you use methods and procedures for a successful factory. In this session, current project reports will be presented to you by experts from the industry. Find out which challenges are currently arising in the factory planning process, and which solutions already exist and find out how these can be transferred to your own requirements.

Inspiring Future Stream

New Business Models

New technologies and a dynamic environment in which requirements change rapidly opens up new perspectives for novel business models. This session will show how vision becomes reality. Innovative, creative approaches combined with a strategic entrepreneurial spirit in the field of factory planning will give rise to future global market leaders. Entrepreneurs will report on how the path to success is achieved.

Factory of the Future

Urbanization, globalization, digitalization: global megatrends make it difficult to forecast how factory structures will change over the next few years. In this session, you will learn and discuss the possibilities that are being created in the transition to an intelligent, networked factory, and what previously unconventional modes of operation will become possible for the factory of tomorrow.

Digital Factory

The digitizing megatrend has significantly changed production in the last decade: networked production machinery, smart devices for employees and large-scale analysis of data are only three of the significant changes. But what impact does digitalization have on the factory as a whole? What is the potential of digital continuity and what impact does this have on factory planning? During this session, Digital Leader experts will share their experiences with digital factory systems and planning processes.